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CloudVocal iSolo Wireless Systems 2023


iSolo was where Cloudvocal began. By integrating wireless and audio technology, Cloudvocal completely redefined recording and live performance. Just as musicians practice to achieve perfection, Cloudvocal never stops practicing our art.

We achieve it with iSolo systems.

iSolo current models:

Prime - Sax and Winds
Lite - Sax & Winds
VF-10 - Violins & Fiddles
GT-10 - Guitars
SiZhu - Chinese Musical Instruments

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iSolo systems are designed and manufactured by CloudVocal in Taiwan. PlayPro Music is proud to be the exclusive distributor in the US and Canada.

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Weissenberg Winds 2023

Meet Weissenberg Saxophone Artist Jim-Pierre Mouton

Flutes & Clarinets