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Guitar iSolo GT-10 All-in-one Wireless Mic System (USA Version)

Guitar iSolo GT-10 All-in-one Wireless Mic System (USA Version)

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Latest 2024 Model
- Upgrade Version of previous iSolo CHOICE
- This item includes both Acoustic & Classical Guitar Soundhole Covers
(diameter 100mm & diameter 86mm)

Boring a hole in your beloved guitar is not an easy step to take, and wireless technology is an elegant solution to this vexing problem. With the GT-10, those who cherish their guitar can now play on stage without hesitation. From the capsule of the microphone to the amplification controls, the GT-10 has been expertly designed by a team of engineers and musicians to faithfully reproduce a guitar’s original sound with ease.

Audio technology is constantly advancing. With the GT-10, you will never again have to compromise between convenience and sound quality.

  • Go loud, protect your guitar -The smart choice for guitar amplification
    There’s nothing better than taking out a great guitar and playing some music with friends. Whether or not you’re a professional musician, there are chances to share your music with others all the time.

    Want to take your beloved guitar on stage, but don’t want to break the body wood and install a pick-up? No problem! No drilling is required with the GT-10 - the best choice for any guitar owner.

  • Easy installation, no tools or drilling required

    An extremely lightweight microphone rests on your guitar via a custom silicone stand. Whether a nylon- or steel-string guitar, a solo or group performance, quick setup with the GT-10 is the pinnacle of convenience.

  • Capture all the details with a performance microphone and flexible arm

    Not only can the dual-capsule microphone capture fingerstyle, flatpicking, and slapping, but its position can also be adjusted according to personal preference and the sound profile of the guitar body.

  • A quality sound circuit: the crux of any audiophile setup

    You know it when you hear it: an audiophile-grade sound circuit is a must-have for any serious amp system. I/O, EQ, and volume controls are included for maximum versatility.

  • Intelligent and wireless, with worldwide compatibility

    Smart frequency-hopping combined with low-latency wireless transmission let you make the most of your performances, all around the world. Lose the wires; free yourself and your sound.

Upgraded 8 effects on all-new GT-10.




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