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Ukulele Convenience 3-in-1 Pack

Ukulele Convenience 3-in-1 Pack

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The convenience 3-in-1 pack includes:

  • A soft pick (0.46mm) and a medium-soft pick (0.72mm).
    It's important to avoid using hard and sharp picks as they may break your ukulele strings. It is normal.
  • A set of backup strings, which are like a spare tire for your soprano or concert ukulele.
    Ukulele strings don't rust, so we don't change them unless they lose their tension. However, if you accidentally break one, this kit has one of each.
  • A fine cleaning cloth that won't scratch your ukulele surface. This cloth is perfect for keeping your ukulele clean and well-maintained. When cleaning your ukulele, avoid using any liquids or water on the cloth.
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