Violin iSOLO CHOICE (Switchable) - Wireless Microphone System- EQ, Effect All-in-One Bundle

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1 x Mono Recording Receiver (USB Audio Interface)
1 x Directional Antenna

  • New Release. This is the Latest "Switchable" Model
  • COMPACT DESIGN! This mic and fixing mount is unlike any other. They're specifically designed to capture even the quietest nuance in your performance while reducing unwanted feedback to a minimum.
  • EASY INSTALLATION! All instruments are irreplaceable. That's why we incorporated protective cork material into an adjustable clamp that keeps the varnish intact.
  • SWITCH TONES! Our EPIC pickup is a mere 1mm thick yet impressively pickup, so we were able to install it beneath the bridge for a richer, more natural signal. With a single flip, you'll achieve two tones on the same instrument.
  • BUILT-IN EFFECTS! We offered four distinct effects for you to explore to your heart's content.
  • EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE! Leave those mics, preamps, effects and mixer away. Now your performance package is portable as an everyday lunch box.


Introduction of iSOLO Violin Switchable System - 2020 Model

Review by Vi Wickham (iSOLO Violin Switchable System - 2020 Model)

Switchable Transmitter

  • Dimensions: 60mm(L)*25mm(W)*10±1mm(H)
  • Net Weight: 35g including adjustable clamp
  • Transmit Bandwidth: 2.4GHz global ISM, smart automatic frequency hopping
  • Sound Source: Cardioid-like condenser microphone / Piezo pickup
  • Battery Life: Rechargeable Lithium Battery, battery Operation Time: >5 hour
CHOICE Stage receiver
  • Dimensions: 115mm(L)*75mm(W)*50mm(H)
  • Net Weight: 310g
  • Transmit Bandwidth: 2.4GHz global ISM, smart automatic frequency hopping
  • Working Distance: >30 meters Line-of-site outdoors. (Actual distance depending on the environment)
  • Power Supply: 7V-9V DC, 400mA
Piezo Pickup
  • Dimensions: 20mm(L)*10mm(W)*1mm(H)
  • Connector: 2.5mm silver-plated annealed copper coaxial cable
  • Switchable transmitter ×1
  • CHOICE Receiver ×1
  • Violin/Fiddle Mount Package x1
  • Accessory package x1